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    Julie Strei205 Pounds Lost*Profile Anywhere Member Since 2013
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    Lisa Kelderman & Profile Coach, Todd Clemens 22 Pounds Lost*Altoona, IA
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    Roger Ebnet 46 Pounds Lost* Benson, MN
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    Tara Wiekeraad 34 Pounds Lost* Edgerton, MN
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    Kelley Walsh 30 Pounds Lost* Sioux Falls, SD
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For over 5 years we’ve taken journeys with thousands of members; helping them lose weight and keep it off. You owe it to yourself to choose lasting weight loss from the healthy living experts at Profile. We believe in you and our program so much, we promise you’ll lose 15% of your body weight after 12 months.

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Making Weight Loss Easier

With donuts in the break room and happy hours on the calendar, making smart choices isn’t always easy. Profile® by Sanford is here to change that. We make weight loss simple, easy-to-follow, and best of all, sustainable.

Profile was created by researchers and physicians at Sanford Health, one of the largest health systems in the U.S. It’s weight loss that’s customizable for each member, meaning certified coaches will tailor your plan to fit your needs along your weight loss journey. Profile combines nutrition with activity and lifestyle changes to get you the results you want.


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This is no cookie-cutter diet. Profile customizes your meal plan to fit you, combining healthy grocery foods with our meal replacement products to give you all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need.

Vision of a Healthy World

At Profile, we want to help you on your way to a healthier life by improving your nutrition, increasing your activity and empowering you to make it last a lifetime.

The Profile Proof

Hear from the countless members who have succeeded on our plan – not just in weight loss, but in being more active, taking fewer medications and living healthier.

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